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Methodological and ethical seminars

These free seminars are part of the research centre activities.

Their purposes are:

  • Knowledge transferring
  • Networking
  • Contributing to the methodological thinking and to the improvement of practices.

Researchers, project managers, clinicians and students are welcomed. However, registration is needed since the seats are limited.

Upcoming seminars

Previous seminars

Évaluation de programmes : mieux comprendre les principaux rouages d’une démarche complexe
Animation: Mélodie Briand-Lamarche, has a PhD in research psychology from the University of Montreal and has been conducting, in the last ten years, several program evaluations in education and in social services. She is also a member of Équipe Renard, a research centre on knowledge tranfer.
October 24, 2017

Introduction à l’évaluation réaliste
Animation: Paula L. Bush, coordinator of Unité de soutien SRAP and  Kadidiatou Kadio, PhD candidate in applied human sciences (UdeM)
October 7, 2016

Partenariat, recherche et échange de savoirs une posture clinique du social
Animation: Jacques Rhéaume, Sociologist, emeritus professor from UQAM
January 24, 2017

Nouveaux développements en méthodes mixtes
Animation: Pierre Pluye
March 2017