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Youth mental health training for family doctors

The purpose of this research project entitled “Youth mental health training for family doctors” is to develop and evaluate an online youth mental health toolkit for family doctors. This training kit is also intended to facilitate partnership with their local services network and to help doctors identify the resources on their territory.

The evaluative research on the effect of using the kit will address family physicians’ knowledge, attitudes, sense of competence and their perception of the partnership.


Twelve sites in the Montréal region will take part in the project: six training sites and six similar sites that have not had access to the training kit.


The family doctors practicing in the sites involved as well as other clinicians or administrative professionals from these sites will be invited to take part in the research as key informants.


In Canada, Spenser and Ritchie have designed a youth mental health training kit for family doctors. Preliminary consultation with a number of family physicians has revealed that this seems to be a useful tool, but that it should be translated into French and adapted to include tools that facilitate local partnership. An advisory committee will oversee the adaptation of the kit, and more specifically, the development of a partnership module, which will be completed by each of the CSSSs.

After the kit has been validated, the French and English pre-final versions will be set up on six sites. The evaluation will compare the six training sites with the six similar sites that did not have access to the training kit and that have used conventional resources. An online assessment questionnaire will document the knowledge and attitudes of family doctors as well as their sense of competence regarding YMH. The questionnaire will be filled out before the kit is presented (T0), 6 months after (T1) and one year after (T2). Interviews with key informants will document the organizational effects of the kit and any administrative barriers associated with setting it up.

Research results will be used to complete the version of the training kit, which will then be made available online.


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Laura Pacione
Resident (Psychiatry); Research Professional (Family doctor training), McGill University, Department of Psychiatry
Telephone: 514-273-3800, ext. 6473

Toby Measham
Child Psychiatrist, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, McGill University.